Executives are “gone gone” according to sources close to the situation

St. Louis – According to reports, the two top marketing executives at Anheuser-Busch (AB), Group Vice President for Marketing Daniel Blake and Bud Light Marketing Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid are “gone gone.”

“To my understanding if we publicly announced the word ‘fire’ it opens up the potential for them to sue us. That’s why we said leave of absence,” a source said in a text message obtained by the Daily Caller (Caller).

Following the fallout from the advertising campaign with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, the two marketing executives were placed on “leave,” but they are now officially no longer with the company, according to the report.

The “leave of absence” came following stocks plunging with a $5 billion drop in market cap for Bud Light in just a few weeks after many called for a boycott of what was once the top beer brand in America. Modelo Especial took over that mantle a few weeks ago.

AB has lost 26 billion in market cap over the last two months.

The source told the Caller, “The wholesalers would have had an absolute HAY DAY with leadership if they didn’t remove her,” according to the report. “They already shifted all their direct reports to new people and the head of marketing.”

The fallout continues.

Photo Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch.

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