Two made in America companies collaborate to bring the highest quality to customers

Jackson Kayak (JK), a Sparta based Kayak company founded in 2004, and Werner Paddles (WP) have formed an alliance built on shared values and a commitment to excellence, according to a joint release.

“Jackson, and Werner are proud to continue a legacy of supporting specialty shops with exclusive products and top-end service,” according to the release. “We are proud to say that specialty shops are the key focus of our sales efforts.” 

Peter Hausin, CEO of Jackson Kayak, now the parent company of both brands, says it’s all about location.

“We have a strong team, a very large facility, and our location is ideal for growth,” says Peter Hausin, CEO of Jackson Kayak, now the parent company of both brands. “We knew that we would be stronger if we were a larger company, so we are thrilled to now be joining forces with Werner, one of the premier brands in paddlesports.”  

Bruce Furre, Werner Paddles owner and Tony Lunt, co-founder and majority owner, of Jackson Kayak “solidified” business values with a reinforced dedication the shared dedication to paddling, employee and community support. Most importantly, the company wants to deliver quality products.

“After meeting with Tony, I quickly learned of his long-term involvement in paddlesports, his belief in supporting employees, and his commitment to producing the highest quality products,” says Furrer. “I’m comfortable Werner Paddles is in good hands.”

Paddle production will move to the Jackson location in Sparta, but the companies’ Sales and Marketing teams will continue to operate independently.

“We know that it is critical to preserve the individuality of each brand,” says Hausin. “We can be a stronger and more efficient company together, but we will not abandon the uniqueness of these two stellar brands.”

Power in collaboration.

“The alliance between Jackson Kayak and Werner Paddles represents a powerful collaboration that leverages their shared values, manufacturing expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional paddlesports products,” according to the release. “Together, they are stronger, more resilient, and better positioned to serve their community and achieve continued success.” 

Jackson Kayak, a family-owned and operated and made-in-the-USA manufacturer has over 100 employees in Sparta.

Werner Paddles built its first paddle in 1965.

“We take pride in handcrafting products in the U.S., minimizing waste, taking care of our people, and giving back to the local community,” according to Werner.  “Whether you spend the day paddling on flat water with your family or rely on your paddle in Class V rapids, we continuously innovate to deliver Ultimate Paddle Performance.”

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