Picture above – Dustin Petty, ER Registration Supervisor, the latest recipient of CRMC’s Sunshine Award.

Sunshine Award was created by the Patient Experience Team at CRMC

Cookeville – Dustin Petty, ER registration supervisor, is the latest recipient of the Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Sunshine Award. He received nominations for the award that reiterated his positive attitude and attentiveness to improving the visitor and patient experience.

 “I came in today for a 1 p.m. breathing test and found out I wasn’t on the schedule. This employee was so kind, patient and helpful to me,” stated Dustin’s nomination. “I was upset as I knew I really needed this test and worried because I missed it. He calmed me down and assured me he would get everything figured out and find a solution. He was so kind and friendly with a big smile on his face the whole time.”

The Sunshine Award was created by the Patient Experience Team at CRMC to honor ancillary and support staff who commit to striving for excellence in their role, consistently deliver exceptional care or service, upholds the highest standards and collaborates with other staff to enhance the experience of our patients, family members and guests.

“… He is a huge asset to this hospital,” continued the nomination. “I can’t thank him enough not only for helping get me the test I greatly needed but for the way he made me feel during the interaction. He has an infectious smile. He showed me that I was important and that he cared. He could have easily dismissed me and moved on to the next person. I hope he knows the impression he makes on us patients as we come in. I hope this hospital knows what a true asset he is. I want to say thank you to him for the kindness and compassion he showed to me.”

Photo courtesy of CRMC.

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