All board members are appointed by the City Council

On April 18, the Cookeville City Council will consider appointing a new member of the Cookeville Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees.

According to reports, Justin Cumby of J Cumby Construction, INC (J. Cumby), a fully licensed contractor based in Cookeville that focuses on commercial and non-commercial construction, has agreed to serve on the board following the resignation of Carl Owens.

Owens has two years remaining on his current term. 

J Cumby and CRMC have a relationship. The construction company recently oversaw the Tennessee Heart Expansion project that doubled space at 228 West 4th Street in Cookeville.

If appointed, Cumby would not begin service until 2026.

Currently, the board consists of:

  • Dr. Scott Copeland, MD, whose term expires July 31, 2028
  • Daniel Rader IV, Secretary whose term expires July 31, 2027
  • Randel Wallace whose term expires July 31, 2030
  • Laurin Wheaton, Mayor of City Council whose term expires Aug. 2026
  • Joe Jestus, MD Chief of Staff whose term expires Oct. 31, 2025
  • Cheryl Sandlin, vice chairman whose term expires July 31, 2025
  • Ernest Buchanan, MD, Chairman whose term expires Sept. 31, 2024
  • Alma Anderson whose term expires July 31, 2029
  • Dr. Carl Owens whose term expires July 31, 2026

Hospital board members serve seven years with staggered terms and must be residents of Cookeville, except for the medical staff of CRMC. The Mayor and the CRMC Chief of Staff always serve for the duration of their terms. 

All board members are appointed by the City Council.

In other business: The Council will consider, on final reading, an amendment to the zoning code that permits private and parochial schools zoned for CI (Commercial-Industrial Mixed Use) District. The amendment gained traction following a request by New Colossus Academy Headmaster Dan Bailey.

Also, the Council will consider an ordinance abolishing the city’s Human Resources Department while creating a new division of the Department of General Government to be renamed the Division of Human Resources.

This is an ongoing story. Check back for updates.

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