Pictured above – Tech alumnus Martin Plumlee.

Plumlee earned his International MBA from Tech in 2006

Cookeville – Martin Plumlee’s military career allowed him to see and experience many things. After attending The United States Military Academy at West Point and serving active duty as an infantry officer, earning an advanced degree wasn’t at the top of his priority list.

However, as he later settled into a corporate career, the International Master of Business Administration program at Tennessee Tech University caught his eye.

“Tech’s program was going to allow a broad, global perspective that really fit well for me,” Plumlee said.

He also had an interest in Latin America that traces back to his high school Spanish teacher.

“I’ll never forget her,” he said. “She helped introduce her students to Latin culture, really helped us understand and appreciate it and built my interest there.”

At West Point, Plumlee had also studied Brazilian Portuguese, so when working through Tech’s MBA program and an opportunity to do a study mission to Brazil became available, he knew it was something he couldn’t pass up.

“We had the opportunity to see what the health care system was like there, got a look at industry and connected with colleagues,” Plumlee said. “Many of the students who were on that trip together are still connected professionally today. It was truly an impressive experience and still one of the best times and trips of my life.”

Sometime later when a friend was considering an international MBA program, Plumlee encouraged him to consider Tech. Through his continued connections in the program, Plumlee took a second trip to South America, this time as a chaperone for a group of Tech students traveling to Argentina and Chile.

“That was kind of a full circle experience for me, having that interest in Latin America, having traveled with Tech myself and then getting to encourage others’ interest in the culture there through that university experience,” Plumlee said.

Plumlee earned his International MBA from Tech in 2006 and has continued an impactful career working as a recruiter for companies all over the country, including several international clients.

“For me, recruiting is an opportunity to combine some of my strongest skills,” Plumlee said. “I enjoy learning, working to understand people and connecting them with the opportunities that are right for them.”

Currently, Plumlee leads his own national executive search firm, Plumlee & Associates, LLC, based in Williamson County, Tennessee. Being from Nashville and seeing the growth and potential in Middle Tennessee, Plumlee says it’s the right place to grow a business and a family.

“It is fun to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “It has its challenges, but I love being what I call a ‘corporate matchmaker.’ I am blessed to call this my profession.”

He still has a role as a part-time commissioned officer with the U.S. Army Reserve and is actively involved with Williamson Inc., the Chamber of Commerce and the Office of Economic Development in Williamson County.

At the recent State of the Schools event for Williamson County, Plumlee, who has two children in school himself, was eager to hear not only about the schools in his county, but for the opportunity to talk with Tech President and First Lady Phil and Kari Oldham. Tech is the annual sponsor for the event.

And those study missions Plumlee did during his time at Tech are now part of his work in Williamson County as well. Soon, he will travel with a group from Williamson Inc. to Arizona to share best practices for business and economic development and see what he can learn there.

“I am always learning, always eager and ready to learn about business and the leaders that help drive success in their organizations,” Plumlee said.

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Tech.

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