CRMC goes live with new patient financing program

COOKEVILLE – Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) announces a partnership with Horizon Health Fund, a company that specializes in patient financing for hospitals and large health systems. Horizon Health Fund has over three decades of operation experience in working with hospital receivables and is highly patient-centric.

“We look forward to our partnership with Horizon Health Fund. It is our goal to give patients easier access to healthcare and affordable options to pay at a manageable pace,” said Mary Jane Howard, director of Patient Financial Services at Cookeville Regional. “There is a real need to offer a program with extended terms to those patients that currently have high deductible plans. We encourage patients to call Patient Financial Services and ask any questions.” 

Currently, Cookeville Regional is partnered with Med Financial, and patients who are currently making payments through Med Financial and want to add a new bill from Cookeville Regional to that plan, will no longer be able to do that after April 1, 2019. 

Cookeville Regional is excited to offer their patients the Horizon Health Fund financing program as a payment option to help manage their out of pocket costs. Patients have the opportunity to make payments over extended terms. The Horizon Health Fund program is straightforward and convenient for patients. The program is offered without credit checks or credit scoring and no late payment or prepayment penalties will be assessed. 

Horizon Health Fund will offer several options to patients in order to pay their medical bills. Payment options include 0-24 months with zero percent interest and extended plans at low interest up to 48 months to accommodate larger account balances. “Our patients can have peace of mind knowing that they have a manageable monthly payment plan,” said Howard. 

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