The goal is to diversify the offerings at West Towne Plaza and bring a unique value

Sparta, TN is charming.

It is a small-town kind of charm where everything stays the same and everyone knows your name. From time to time, small businesses pop up, marking the landscape with hidden gems. The coffee shop and diner The Mad Raven come to mind. So, too, does LaLa’s Cupcakes, Etc. Let us not forget about The Coffee Collective. I can almost taste that coffee right now. And the vibe is off the charts. 

But growth is not always a bad thing.

Wyatt Woeltje and Highland Capital bought floundering West Towne Plaza (WTP) at 810 Roosevelt Drive in Sparta one year ago.  At the time, it had less than 55% occupancy. It was more than a mission. It became a passion project for Woljte and the team to rebuild WTP into a thriving community hub. 

Now the location is 95% occupied, and the team wants to spread the word.

“We are particularly excited about the transformation of West Towne Plaza from a location with minimal occupancy to one that is vibrant and nearly full,” said Woeltje. “Revitalizing underutilized spaces beautifies the area and significantly boosts local economic activity through job creation and increased consumer traffic.”

The redevelopment brings new life to the community.

“This redevelopment brings new life to the community, encouraging a bustling environment where businesses thrive, and residents enjoy an enhanced shopping experience. We hold a strong belief in the long term growth potential of Sparta. This optimism drives our commitment to investing in the area and fostering a robust economic environment,” said Woeltje.

Five Below was the first announcement, months ago.

“Our negotiation with Five Below was as collaborative as it was strategic,” says Woeltje. “We have worked with them in other locations, and they are always excited to get things underway and move toward opening. They are known for their dynamic store model and appeal to a wide customer base, which matches our vision for the shopping center. Working with them has been a seamless process aimed at mutual benefits and long-term success.”

Five Below is just the type of business for which Highland Capital and Woljte are looking to fill the once-struggling location. 

“This includes looking at potential local and regional food options and more experiential or soft goods retail to make shopping enjoyable. We are excited about the prospects and believe the community will be too,” said Woljte.

As reported in the Upper Cumberland Business Journal, Shoe Sensation, and Bealls will also be a part of the community.

“Bringing Bealls to Sparta has been an exciting process for us.” Said Woeljte. “Negotiations were thorough and productive, focusing on aligning our mutual goals for community engagement and retail success. Bealls is a respected retailer committed to quality and affordability, making them a perfect fit for the shopping center and the local consumer base.”

Woeljte wants the lineup to diversify the offerings at West Towne Plaza to bring a unique value and draw consumer traffic.

“Shoe Sensation is a significant addition to our lineup,” he said. “The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Shoe Sensation brings a great variety of brands and styles that cater to families and individuals, enhancing the shopping experience at West Towne Plaza.”

There are still spaces available. “Prime” spaces to be exact, according to Woeljte. One is 1,600 square feet and the other is 2,000. Sparta’s small-town feel is charming and sometimes things do change. 

Perhaps, they even grow.

“We are eager to fill these spots with either national brands looking to expand their footprint or dynamic local businesses aiming to grow,” said Woljte. “This presents a fantastic opportunity for retailers to become a part of a thriving community hub at a rejuvenated shopping center.

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