Warren County industrial park named Select Tennessee Certified Site

Mountain View Industrial Park South Site.

WARREN COUNTY – The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development announced new Select Tennessee Certified Sites this week – including one in the Upper Cumberland.

The Mountain View Industrial Park South Site, a 26-acre park in Warren County, was one of four to meet rigorous standards aimed to give companies reliable information during the site selection process.

The Select Tennessee program was launched in 2012 to help Tennessee communities prepare available industrial sites for investment and expansion.

Select Tennessee sites have landed 10 projects, which accounts for over 3,900 committed new jobs and over $1 billion of capital investment.

To date, 48 sites have been certified – the newest UC site is one of only three now in the region.

The only other Select Tennessee certified sites in the Upper Cumberland are the State Road 111 Industrial Park in Overton County, and Mountain View Industrial Park North Site, also in Warren County.

“Congratulations to these communities for investing in their local assets and securing these newest certified site designations,” TNECD Commissioner Bob Rolfe said. “The Select Tennessee Certified Sites program gives communities an advantage by having a tangible product to put before companies that are looking to expand or locate. Certifying these sites lets businesses know that their projects can proceed quickly with less risk.”

Companies seeking to expand or relocate their operations often eliminate less-prepared sites; this is why the Select Tennessee certification process ensures that certified sites meet high-quality standards. Qualifications for certification include at least 20 acres of developable land for industrial sites, proper zoning to allow for ease of development, existing utilities onsite or a formal plan to extend to the site, and truck-quality road access.

The Select Tennessee program ensures that Tennessee sites are primed for development, whether through marketing those ready for a prospect or providing guidance for uncertified sites to achieve a higher level of preparedness.

TNECD has partnered with Austin Consulting to administer the program.

“The Select Tennessee Certified Sites program gives our communities, especially ones in rural Tennessee, an advantage when competing with other states for economic development projects,” TNECD Assistant Commissioner of Rural Development Amy New said. “The communities with certified sites have invested in themselves and will be ahead of the game in recruiting new businesses and jobs.”


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