Pictured above, from l. to r.: Mark Farley, UCDD-UCHRA Executive Director; Glen Sayes and Mikel Miller.

UC Recovery honored as organization actively working toward achieving unity for a drug free community

Power of Putnam, an organization whose mission is uniting for a drug free community, recently honored UCHRA organization UC Recovery as an organization actively working toward achieving just that goal.

“By bringing together different sectors of the community, our coalition can work effectively to develop a comprehensive solution to our community’s unique substance misuse problems,” said Power of Putnam in a statement. “As a coalition, we must bring the entire community together to achieve measurable results.”

Glen Sayes was named a volunteer of the year while Mikel Miller’s business, Out The Door Priniting, was recognized as the business partner of the year.

“Glen was instrumental in helping UCHRA’s Substance Abuse Solutions (now UC Recovery) off the ground in recent years,” according to UC Recovery. “Today, Mikel leads efforts of UC Recovery, taking the program to new heights. We are excited to see UC Recovery take off and make a difference in reducing substance abuse in the Upper Cumberland. Congratulations, Glen and Mikel, and thank you Power of Putnam for being champions and invaluable partners in reducing substance abuse throughout the Upper Cumberland!”

Photo via UCHRA.

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