Twin Lakes debuts 10 GIG Broadband 

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation (Twin Lakes), the largest telephone coop in Tennessee, is now offering 10 GIG Broadband, the fastest internet speed available worldwide. Broadband speeds of 1 GIG and 2GIG are available also. The 10 GIG service is available now to any customer where Twin Lakes Fiber is available. 

The 10 GIG connection can download a full two-hour 4K movie in 40 seconds. This ability to transfer large images at such a rapid pace is invaluable for businesses such as hospital imaging centers, graphic designers, industrial plants and others.

For companies that have multiple users but don’t have the need to transfer such huge images or documents, the 2 GIG service will provide enough bandwidth for large numbers of users to utilize the cloud simultaneously.

Supply chain issues have not been a major problem for Twin Lakes due to forward thinking during the planning process and planning for the rapid expansion the company is currently experiencing.

“We are having to more than double the amount of inventory on hand in order to continue to grow at the pace we are growing,” said Twin Lakes General Manager/CEO Jonathan West.

Twin Lakes serves customers in Jackson, Clay, Overton, Fentress, Pickett, Putnam and a small part of Smith County. The Coop that recently celebrated 70 years in business is now the largest coop providing telephone and broadband services to over 42,000 connections (locations) or over 100,000 people. 

Putnam County has submitted a grant application to the state of Tennessee to expand the Twin Lakes network to serve all the unserved households in Putnam County. 

“There are 2,399 households in Putnam County alone that don’t have access to 100 Mbps broadband, which is what the federal government uses as the threshold for grant eligible or ineligible,” said West.

Of those, 1,736 households don’t even have access to 25 Mbps speed connections, which is the equivalent to dial-up.

“The 1,736 number is pretty powerful in my mind. There are over 1,700 households that don’t have broadband by anyone’s definition, state, local, federal – no one says that less than 25 Mbps is Broadband – 1,736 households in Putnam County without Broadband,” explained West. “We will serve all those if we are awarded the grant.”

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