Nintendo Switch leads the pack nationally

Tennessee – New research has revealed the most in-demand item each state wants to buy during Black Friday, with the PS5 taking the top spot in Tennessee while the Nintendo Switch takes the spot nationally. 

The research conducted by coupon site analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most in-demand item in each state during the Black Friday period and about common Black Friday search terms. The analysis revealed that the Nintendo Switch console had the highest number of states searching for it above any other item during this sale period, at 13.

These states include Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas and Ohio.

One of many Apple products to make the list, the iPad was the second most in-demand item ahead of Black Friday, with 11 states searching for it more than any other item, including New Jersey, California, Kentucky and Utah. A total of 10 states are searching for Sony’s Playstation 5 the most, the third highest number in the research.

States searching for PlayStation 5 the most include Tennessee, Alaska, Missouri and Oregon.

Another console makes the list with the Xbox Series X ranking as America’s fourth most in-demand item this Black Friday. Five states searched for the Xbox Series X more than any other item, including Nebraska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Idaho and Kansas.

The second most popular Apple item on the list and the fifth most popular overall is the Apple Watch. Three states searched for it more than any other item – Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Texas. The Dyson Airwrap proved to be the most in-demand item in two states across the U.S.: Connecticut and Washington state. The thing has gone viral on TikTok over the last year, with the hashtag #DysonAirwrap amassing 3.2 billion views on the platform.

The Apple MacBook was also the most in-demand item in two states: New Hampshire and Iowa. The MacBook can come in two forms – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. 

Four items were the most in-demand items in one state each, respectively. A Garmin watch was the most searched-for item in Rhode Island, Apple AirPods were the most searched-for item in Minnesota, the Google Nest was the most in-demand item in New York and the Apple iPhone, which comes in several models, was the most popular item in New Hampshire. 

“Black Friday is one of the biggest days in the retail calendar, with shoppers from around the world looking to get a great deal on items they’ve had their eye on for a while,” said James Crawford, Co-Founder of “This data shows a fascinating insight into what Americans want a deal on with game consoles and Apple products proving to be the most popular nationwide. This study also shows what many might expect to give and receive during this holiday period, with many items on the list being popular presents.”

Image by articular on Freepik.

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