Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Report: average renter in much of U.S. needs $100,000 salary

Rent-burdened consumers have to do without as housing costs surge Boca Raton, Fla. – The average renter in...

Beacon Center launches resource on Middle Tennessee zoning

Zoning Atlas demonstrates strict zoning regulations Cookeville – Recently, the Beacon Center released the first part of the Tennessee Zoning...

State experiences near record low unemployment and jobless rates

It is just above Tennessee’s all-time lowest unemployment rate of 3.2% Nashville – Statewide, Tennessee continued to experience near-record...

Maco Corp. investing $27.8 million in TN

Tennessee-based manufacturer to invest more than $27 million, create nearly 70 new jobs in Tier 4, At-Risk Greene County

Interest in cybersecurity and career opportunities surge in May 2023

People are becoming increasingly aware of the potential consequences of cyber threats Cookeville – Current data from Google...

Tennessee joins lawsuit against robocaller

Avid Telecom sent or transmitted more than 7.5 billion calls approximately 200 million of those calls were to numbers in Tennessee.