Phillips first unveiled the vision at the 2018 Eagleworks Innovation Contest in 2018

The Upper Cumberland Investment Alliance (UCIA), a member-owned, regional angel investment fund committed to driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities for prosperity in the Upper Cumberland area, is supporting the Meta Flex Glove and ATS Innovations, the local groundbreaking product featured HERE, in its first investment to support “development and commercialization.”

ATS is a medical device company developing innovative solutions to improve patient care and outcomes. According to a release to the UCBJ, the move is a strategic investment that marks a “significant milestone for both ATS Innovations and UCIA.” The UCIA investment will provide ATS Innovations with the necessary resources to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the MetaFlex Therapy Glove. 

“Additionally, the partnership with UCIA will offer ATS Innovations access to mentorship, expertise and networking opportunities, further supporting the company’s growth and success,” according to a release to the UCBJ.

Founded by Tennesse Tech Mechanical Engineering Grad Téa Phillips, who is now CEO of ATS Innovations, the MetaFlex Therapy Glove is a wearable device designed to assist individuals with hand impairments in regaining mobility, strength and dexterity. It leverages “cutting-edge technology and advanced materials” to help those who once thought there was no help. 

Phillips first unveiled the vision at the 2018 Eagleworks Innovation Contest in 2018.

Following a few years of work at Oak Ridge National Security Complex, she decided to focus on bringing the Metaflex to the market while working with the Biz Foundry Entrepreneur Center in Cookeville.

Phillips is thankful for the UCIA partnership.

“We are thrilled to receive this investment from the Upper Cumberland Investment Alliance,” said Phillips. “Their support not only validates the potential of MetaFlex but also enables us to bring this transformative technology to market faster, helping more people to get a grip on their hand health. We look forward to collaborating with UCIA to drive innovation and economic development in Tennessee!”

After graduating and working for Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN for a few years, she decided to pursue entrepreneurship and focus on bringing the MetaFlex to market, working with the Biz Foundry Entrepreneur Center in Cookeville.

“This strategic investment marks a, underscoring their shared commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth in the Upper Cumberland region,” according to the release. 

“The MetaFlex Therapy Glove offers a non-invasive, user-friendly solution for rehabilitative therapy, enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life,” according to the release.

Gene Bressler, Chairman of UCIA, says the investment in local talent is a priority.

“ATS Innovations exemplifies the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that define our region,” said Bressler. “We are proud to support their efforts to develop cutting-edge health care technology that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals with hand impairments. This investment reflects UCIA’s commitment to fostering innovation, creating jobs, and building a thriving ecosystem of technology-driven businesses in the Upper Cumberland area.”

UCIA supports entrepreneurship, job creation and community development initiatives through strategic investments and partnerships.

“ATS Innovations and UCIA are excited about the opportunities that this partnership will unlock,” according to the release, “positioning the Upper Cumberland region as a hub for health care innovation and economic growth.”

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