An enduring presence

Thirty years. Seems like forever to some and just like yesterday to others.

For Louella Gentry, 30 years ago was the beginning of her journey with what was then known as Cantrell Financial Service (now Evolve Financial Services (Evolve)), and the company wants to extend congratulations to Gentry and her loyalty.

“Evolve Financial Advisors extends its heartfelt congratulations to Louella Gentry, the Client Relationship Manager for the Insurance Division, on commemorating her remarkable 30th anniversary with our organization,” it said in a release.

Dedication, experience and a deep understanding of clients’ needs are priceless when dealing with customers who entrust you with their fortunes.

“Louella’s unwavering dedication, wealth of experience and steadfast loyalty have been invaluable assets to our team,” said Evolve. “Through her tenure, Louella has developed a deep understanding of clients’ needs and a commitment to delivering unparalleled service.  Her contributions have not only enriched our company but also positively impacted the lives of our clients.”

An enduring presence.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone, we express our gratitude for Louella’s continuous dedication and exemplary performance,” said Evolve. “Her enduring presence has been instrumental in shaping the success and reputation of Evolve Financial Advisors. We applaud Louella Gentry for her outstanding achievements and look forward to many more years of collaboration and success together.”

Located at 1459 Interstate Drive in Cookeville, for more information on Evolve visit HERE or call 931-526-3541.

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