The gently used and open box children’s goods reseller launches over 7,000 items for sale, including clothes, furniture and toys, providing affordable options to combat inflation concerns

Chicago – Kidsy, an online marketplace for parents to buy and sell gently used kids’ items across all categories in the U.S., announces a major growth milestone, with over 7,000 products now for sale since its April 2022 launch. This milestone makes Kidsy one of the fastest-growing resellers for products in its category, indicative of a rapidly growing secondhand shopping market as parents seek out cost-effective options as inflation hits a 40-year high.

The U.S. secondhand baby and kids products market is expected to reach $12.8 billion by 2030, driven by advancements in technology and a surge in popularity of secondhand marketplaces.

“Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed a seismic shift among my peers in the way they shop,” said Shraysi Tandon, CEO and co-founder of Kidsy. “Gone are the days of clamoring for every item from the hottest new designer collection; that seems so passé today. Parents are now showing off their secondhand purchases and building closets and nurseries out of their lucky finds. There’s an appreciation for the nostalgia and history attached to secondhand goods. It’s so much more enchanting.”

Kidsy offers a wide selection of products by eliminating the geographic limitations of a social media marketplace or a local secondhand store. Users can browse through items, including clothes, toys, books, bath items, diapering, travel gear and nursery essentials, and filter their search to find what they are looking for from sellers across the U.S. They are able to message sellers directly, ask questions about an item and even make them an offer, all through the Kidsy platform.

“At Kidsy, we believe the closets and nurseries of the future are circular. The rapid growth of Kidsy is testament to the boom of secondhand shopping, and we expect this trend to continue as more people recognize resale as a powerful solution to wastefulness, not to mention a solution to high prices and inflation,” said Sinan Sari, co-founder and CTO of Kidsy. “With the holiday season here, we’re excited to provide a resource for parents to find affordable options during an often cash-strapped time of year, and resell some of the gently used items they no longer have a use for.”

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Image by master1305 on Freepik.

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