Averitt launches industry’s first 100 percent mobile-enabled website

COOKEVILLE – Averitt Express has launched a redesigned website.

AverittExpress.com is the industry’s first 100 percent mobile-enabled website. Every shipping tool that is available on the site – literally dozens of tools – is mobile-friendly across all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This aspect makes the new site unique among transportation providers in Averitt’s class.

In order to create a site with this degree of mobile flexibility, developers spent months completely rebuilding the site using an innovative web design approach known as responsive web design.

AverittExpress.com was completely redesigned to provide a better user experience, with such features as:

• Faster speeds

• Simplified navigation

• Expanded tracking tools

• Easy-to-follow tutorials to explain how specific tools work

• Improvements to Ship Plus, Averitt’s one-stop online shipping interface

• More video and interactive media than ever before

“Redesign really doesn’t accurately describe the process our team has spent on this project, listening to customer feedback and applying it to a website that works no matter what you’re using to access it,” said Phil Pierce, Averitt’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “To do that, we’ve completely rebuilt the site to improve speed, reliability and ease of use. Once we finished with that, we renovated the rest of the site to make it much more modern, and much easier for our associates and customers to use.”

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