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U.S. lost almost a third of its weekly publications between 2004 and 2023

The Jackson Post (Post) has reported, Richardson Media Group (publisher of the Jackson Post) has finalized the purchase of four Upper Cumberland newspapers once owned by Holler Media, LLC. 

Upper Cumberland papers The Fentress Courier, The Jackson County Sentinel, The Livingston Enterprise and The Citizen-Statesman were all a part of the deal. The papers have been in limbo lately after passing hands from Holler Media to Apex Media following a foreclosure. 

“This is a great time for RMG and for these publications,” Richardson Media Group founder Daniel Richardson said of the acquisition, according to the Post. “I’ve been working with the staffs of these newspapers for several months now and they are great people. I’m glad to officially have them as part of our team.”

The publications join four other newspapers in RMG, including the Courier (Savannah), the Martin Post, the Enterprise (Dresden), and the Jackson Post, according to the report. Papers, especially locally, have been losing circulation and closing shop at an accelerated rate for years. 

The U.S. lost almost a third of its weekly publications between 2004 and 2023. Richardson originally planned to revive the papers as an independent contractor, but apparently, plans changed, and the publications are now a part of Richardson Media Group.

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