Gas prices range from $3.25 to $3.59 as of Aug. 8

Cookeville – If any of you are old enough to remember the olden days, you will remember there was a time when you could put $10 worth of gas in the car and do whatever you needed to do on the weekend.

Those days are of course long gone, but that will not stop us from dreaming and searching for the cheapest gas in town. In Cookeville, gas price ranges from $3.25 to $3.59 as of Aug. 8. That was down from the national average for regular of $3.82, according to AAA. In TN the average gallon of gas cost $3.44 while Cookeville’s average was $3.45. At the time of this report gas prices in Cookeville range from $3.25 to $3.59 per gallon.

The search for affordable gas continues. Just don’t drive too far out of your way to find it. That kind of defeats the purpose.

Here’s a list of stations and their prices near you.

Sam’s Club,1177 Sams St, Cookeville3.253.85
Exxon,1300 E Spring, Cookeville3.353.754.1
Exxon,1040 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville3.363.894.293.89
Murphy USA, 581 West Main Street, Cookeville3.383.734.083.92
Gulf,1260 E Spring St, Cookeville3.39
Murphy USA,780 South Jefferson, Cookeville3.393.744.093.86
Shell,921 E 10th, Cookeville3.393.774.243.93
Jackson Mart,215 West Jackson St, Cookeville3.40
Kroger,445 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville3.413.714.01
One9 Fuel Stop, 1111 S Jefferson Ave, Cookeville3.453.884.313.89

Regular: REG Midgrade: MID Premium: PREM Diesel: DSL. These price data come from GasBuddy. The data may be delayed by a few days. Please refer to the Gasbuddy for verification and additional information.

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