Counties selected from the east, southeast, and Upper Cumberland regions of Tennessee, all three counties are new to the property evaluation program

Warren County was one of three counties selected by The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) to participate in the latest round of the Select Tennessee Property Evaluation Program (PEP).

The other counties include Grainger and Polk.

PEP evaluates potential industrial properties, advising counties on industrial site improvements and where investments may be most beneficial. Since its inception in 2015, PEP has helped improve the inventory of industrial sites and buildings across the state, with more than 443 sites being reviewed.

“Gov. Lee has made it an administration-wide goal to create greater opportunity across all 95 counties because what happens in rural Tennessee impacts all Tennesseans,” said McWhorter. “The Select Tennessee Property Evaluation Program is unique to our state and helps communities develop shovel-ready industrial sites to attract new business growth and investment.”

PEP originates from TNECD’s Select Tennessee Certified Site Program. With assistance from site selection firm Austin Consulting, PEP provides participating counties guidance on-site planning for future industrial development projects.

PEP includes an on-site visit by Austin Consulting and TNECD, an educational webinar on the site selection process and a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and needs of each community’s inventory of industrial sites. This assessment also offers recommendations to improve marketability.

“The Property Evaluation Program allows our team to recommend the top property or properties for future industrial development in each participating county,” said Jonathan Gemmen, senior director at Austin Consulting. “An intangible benefit of PEP is current and future community leaders building consensus around readying a particular property and understanding, in most cases that it’s a near-term priority.”

These counties were selected based on the demonstrated local need for industrial properties and the county’s ability to assemble properties with viable market potential.

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