Vol State Criminal Justice faculty have real world experience

Jackson Carter (right) teaches criminal justice classes at Vol State. He is shown here with History professor, Greg Pryor.

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Jackson Carter serves as Assistant District Attorney in the Thirteenth Judicial District, which serves seven counties in the Upper Cumberland. He is also an adjunct instructor at Volunteer State Community College teaching Criminal Justice classes. It’s a tight knit community in law enforcement.

“I have several of my past students working in law enforcement in the area,” Carter said. “I had them in my class, and now I have them in the courtroom.”

Carter has been a prosecutor for more than six years now. He teaches Criminal Justice classes online and soon in person on the Cookeville campus. The Vol State Criminal Justice program focuses on investigation, law enforcement, criminal law and corrections. Faculty includedetectives, patrol officers, federal agents, prosecutors and probation/parole officers.

Carter visited the Livingston campus recently and was reunited with Greg Pryor, a Vol State History Professor who taught Carter in a dual enrollment class many years ago. For more information about Vol State Criminal Justice classes visit www.volstate.edu/criminaljustice.

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