Stall doors are a common target for vandalism in Cookeville’s city parks

Cookeville – Due to persistent vandalism, the Park View Skate Park is closed until further notice.

Cookeville’s Department of Leisure Services reports that six separate acts of vandalism have taken place in the park’s bathrooms in the past month. The most recent destructive act occurred last night. Stall dividers were torn from bathroom walls, signage was removed from the park, and a picnic table was broken.

According to Kristina Buttram, office manager at Leisure Services, stall doors are a common target for vandalism in Cookeville’s city parks. The stalls are damaged so frequently that Leisure Services must purchase the replacement hardware in bulk.

By closing the skate park, Leisure Services hopes to discourage future acts of vandalism. The department plans to keep the park closed until the vandals are held accountable for their actions. Only the skate park is closed. The playground and picnic areas of Park View Park will remain open.

If you have any information about the vandalism happening in our city parks, please contact the Cookeville Police Department at 931-526-2125 and the Department of Leisure Services at 931-520-4386.

Photo courtesy of the City of Cookeville.

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