Traffic Advisories Sept. 17-23

UPPER CUMBERLAND – The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and several local governments have significant highway construction going on throughout the Upper Cumberland region that will drastically impact travelers. The following are the traffic advisories for construction throughout the Upper Cumberland for Sept. 17-23, listed by county and an estimated completion date.

Interstate Construction

CUMBERLAND COUNTY I-40 Construction of a truck climbing lane EB near MM 339, including grading, drainage, and paving: Temporary nighttime lane closures will be needed as the contractor resumes paving on the eastbound travel lanes and shoulders. Traffic control devices, THP, and queue trucks will be used during lane closures. Work continues on the exit ramp at MM 340 eastbound. Permanent signs are also being installed on the project. Motorists should use caution at the MM 340 exit ramp and as they travel through the work zone.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY I-40 Resurfacing from the SR-101 ramp to east of SR-1 (US-70): Nighttime lane closures may be required both eastbound and westbound on I-40 from the Peavine Road exit (MM 322) to the Crab Orchard exit (MM 329). Remaining activities include removal of non-applicable construction signs, fog sealing shoulders, and installing permanent pavement markings, rumble strips, delineators, and permanent signs. The speed limit will be reduced to 60 mph during working hours. Future work will require the Daddy’s Creek Bridges at MM 326 to be reduced to one lane in each direction for a weekend period to apply an epoxy overlay. Queue trucks and THP will assist with traffic control as needed.

SMITH COUNTY I-40 Resurfacing and bridge repair at MM 263-268: Nightly, 8 PM – 5 AM, There will be intermittent lane closures on I-40 in both directions for construction.

Regional Road Work

CANNON, CUMBERLAND, PUTNAM & WARREN – Crack sealing at various locations on various state routes: The contractor will continue the crack sealing process on various State Routes in the following Counties: Cannon, Coffee, Cumberland, Grundy, Putnam, and Warren. Contractor will be working daily from 6 AM to 7 PM on various locations. Putnam, Cumberland and Warren Counties will have night work Monday thru Thursday to support the crack sealant installation. The progress work will be supported by mobile lane closure operations as crews transition the work zones along State Routes for Sealant work. Signage and flaggers will be present during this work. Motorists are encouraged to use caution and be alert to construction personnel and equipment. During this reporting period the plan of operation will be: Weather permitting, work will begin in Putnam County on I-40, MM 273.77 to MM 281.32,moving over to Cumberland County: I-40, MM 317.87 to MM 322.28 and MM 328.81 to MM 333.52, in the event of any inclement weather the contractor will be idle.

PICKETT, FENTRESS, & CUMBERLAND COUNTIES – REGION 2 random on-call pavement marking and the retracing of pavement markings with spray thermoplastic on various Interstate and State Routes: The contractor will be performing retracing of pavement markings on various routes throughout Pickett, Fentress, and Cumberland Counties. Routes in Pickett County include SR-28 and SR-111. Routes in Fentress County include SR-28. Routes in Cumberland County include SR-298. Motorists are advised to use caution while traveling through the work zone and be alert of all traffic signage, personnel, and equipment.

CLAY AND OVERTON COUNTY The resurfacing (microsurfacing) on SR-294 from Oakley Allons Road (LM 6.8) in Overton County to Willow Grove Road (LM 7.6) in Clay County: The contractor is scheduled to resume work beginning 09/16/20. During this time, contractor will utilize lane closures and flaggers will be present to control the flow of traffic through the work zone. Motorists are encouraged to use caution and obey posted speed limit.

State Road Construction

CUMBERLAND COUNTY SR-1 (US-70) Emergency slope stabilization near LM 26.6: Construction signs, portable barrier rail, and temporary traffic signals have been installed. SR-1 (US-70) has been reduced to one lane traffic between Godsey Road and Renegade Mountain Parkway while slope stabilization is in process. Remaining work may require short term lane stoppages. Motorists should exercise caution and pay attention to temporary traffic signals as they travel through the work zone.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY SR-101 (Peavine Road) Grading, drainage, and paving from Firetower Road to Westchester/Catoosa Boulevard: Motorists should use caution while driving along Peavine Road and be alert for changes in traffic patterns. The posted speed limit has been reduced from 45 MPH to 35 MPH within the work zone. Peavine Road will be closed from Fairview Blvd to just past the Catoosa / Westchester intersection with detours posted. Base stone, paving, blasting operations, storm drain installation, and utility relocation are in progress. Temporary lane closures and/or traffic stoppages may be needed as these construction activities continue. Motorists should reduce speed on Peavine Road and be alert for construction personnel/equipment entering and exiting the roadway.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY SR-24 (US-70N) Resurfacing from SR-1 (US-70)  to SR-28 (US-127), and SR-28 (US-127) resurfacing from south of Elmore Road (LM 15) to Huddle Road (LM 17.9), including bridge deck repair: Resurfacing-related activities are in progress on SR-24 (Elmore Road) and SR-28 (US-127). This work will require temporary nighttime lane closures with traffic control devices and flagging as necessary. Motorists should be alert as conditions are subject to change each night.

DEKALB AND WARREN COUNTY SR-56 Construction of bridges and paving from south of Warren-Dekalb County line to East Bryant St: The contractor will continue installing concrete box culverts and drainage structures. Grade work, bridge work, and utility work on the new roadway alignment are ongoing. No change in traffic patterns, traffic is still using the existing SR-56, however, motorists are advised to use caution and watch for construction equipment adjacent to roadway. Flaggers may be present to move equipment across roadway, unload equipment, or complete utility work. A portion of County House Road will be closed to allow the contractor to complete work in that area. Motorist should follow posted signs for County House Road detour until work is complete. The contractor is working at the intersection of South Tittsworth Road and the new alignment. Traffic will be shifted onto a diversion to allow contractor to construct new alignment. Motorist should use caution in this area and watch for flaggers.

FENTRESS AND OVERTON COUNTY SR-85 Emergency slide repairs at various locations: The contractor continues work on the Overton County side of SR-85 and the road remains closed from LM 17.5 to LM 22.2. This closure will remain in effect until the project completion scheduled for 09/30/20. The Fentress County portion of SR-85 remains open to through traffic. A detour route remains in place for Overton SR-85 and motorists are encouraged to continue using the detour route until the road is opened.

PUTNAM COUNTY Utility Work on SR-290 (W. 12TH ST.) in both directions from LM 5.81 to LM 6.38:  Lane closures between N. Franklin Road and N. Willow Avenue with signage, barrels and cones. Motorists should use caution and be aware of personnel and equipment when traveling through the work zones. Traffic may be reduced to a single lane in some locations between 9 AM to 2 PM from 07/15/20 through 10/16/20.

VAN BUREN COUNTY Utility Work on SR-285 (MOONEYHAM-LONEWOOD RD.) both directions from LM 3.01 to LM 4.69: Mobile lane closure along Highway 285 between SR-30 and Deweese Road. Motorists should be prepared to stop, be aware of personnel and equipment. Signage and flaggers will be present between 9 am – 2 pm from 08/17/20 through 09/30/20.

WARREN COUNTY SR-286 Resurfacing from east of South Chancery Street (LM 0.00) to west of SR-380 (LM 2.79) and on SR-55 from north of Old Well Road (LM 4.76) to north of Hallum Lane (LM 8.56):The contractor will continue installing construction signs. Work to improve sidewalks and sidewalk ramps will be on-going. Flaggers may be present to complete sidewalk work.

WHITE COUNTY Grading, drainage and paving at Airport Rd. leading up to Upper Cumberland Regional Airport: The contractor will be working on grading, milling, and drainage work along Technology Drive, Airport Road, and SR-136 during this period. Temporary traffic stoppages may be needed as construction progresses. Motorists are advised to use caution while traveling through the work zone and be alert of all traffic signage, personnel, and equipment.

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