Advertising boards are another way for local businesses to spread the word

Rise and Shine 2, along with Robert’s Family Diner and Berta’s Café in Sparta has an interesting project at hand.

According to Julie Fern of Creative Advertising Products, the idea of spreading word of local businesses as far and wide as possible is taking root, and gaining traction.

“What we are doing is building a solid oak daily special boards that will be placed inside each restaurant where everyone will be coming and going,” said Fern.

Advertising board.

On the board, businesses can showcase their product.

“The staff will use the top section of the boards to display their daily specials,” said Fern. “There is space on the boards for 6-8 businesses to showcase their business. The ad spots will be exclusive based on their type of business.”

Seems like a great idea, a small yet reaching investment for local businesses and an overall win for all involved.  

“The investment to be on one board is only $5 per week, which is $260 per year,” said Fern. “We set it up for two years for $520.00 plus a $49 set-up fee (including emailed proof) for a total of $569 for two full years. If you want to go on more than one board, we will discount the second and third locations.”

For more information, visit HERE.

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