Security systems offer more than home security

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Today’s security systems offer homeowners more than just the peace of mind derived from knowing their house and belongings are secured, they provide many benefits to make your home life easier. From smart home automation to doorbell cameras, these new systems offer convenience with the added benefit of saving the household money.

Protecting valuables is the primary purpose of a home security system and modern systems offer the added benefits of protecting items outside the house as well as inside. High-definition cameras are now common components of security systems and allow residents to see live images of their home and its surroundings through the Alarm app available on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Smart home automation is another option available with security systems. Smart home options range from electronic door locks and wireless garage door openers to smart thermostats and lighting.

Electronic door locks, when paired with a doorbell camera and the Alarm system, enable residents to control secured access to the residence.

“The Alarm app lets you keep track of traffic in and out of your house with unique codes for each user,” said Emily Gibson, security sales consultant with Twin Lakes Security.

The doorbell camera also allows app users to receive notifications when visitors enter a designated range and to communicate with them through live video and two-way audio.

App users can also see when deliveries arrive and have the option of remotely unlocking the door for couriers. Packages can be protected from “porch pirates” and locks can be reengaged as soon as the delivery is complete. 

Most home insurance companies provide a discount on homeowner’s insurance for households with an active security system, but there are also available features that can reduce monthly household expenses.

“A smart thermostat will help control your heating and air cost,” said James Green, security sales manager with Twin Lakes Security. “It’ll turn your thermostat down when you’re not home and up when you get home. It’ll learn your schedule as you come and go.”

In addition to saving money, a smart thermostat when linked to a security system is also a safety measure for the household.

“It’ll shut down your air handler when there is a fire, because it’s attached to smoke detectors, so it’s not feeding the fire fresh air,” explained Gibson.

Modules to control lighting and appliances can be added to modern systems allowing those to be controlled from the comfort of your couch or even remotely while at work or on vacation. 

The Alarm app controls all aspects of the security system including home automation. 

“The app has scenes that you can set up so that with one button you can do multiple things,” Green said. “For example, the home scene – with one button it opens the garage door, it turns off the security system, it unlocks the door, it turns on the light, and it turns down the thermostat.”

In days past, to install a system like this in an existing house you would have to run wires from each system back to a central panel, but no more.

“It’s easy to put in now,” said Green. “It’s all done from the alarm. It’s done via z-wave, a wireless communication, so it’s much easier, and you don’t have to involve a builder. It can be done in an existing home, as well as a new home.”

The year 2020 has brought many anxiety filled moments, but with a home security system from Twin Lakes Security the safety and security of your family, home and belongings is one less thing to worry about. 

For more information on doorbell cameras and how a smart security system could best meet your needs, visit the Twin Lakes Security website. To schedule an appointment, email James Green at or Emily Gibson or call 931-528-2005.

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