Pictured above – Travis Trull and Shehla Rooney

Local physical therapist and CEO of Goknee partners with flint global

Cookeville – Shehla Rooney, PT and CEO/Co-creator of GoKnee will travel to Kenya this month to check the progress of her latest venture. Through a partnership with Flint Global, GoKnee entered into an agreement with an entrepreneur in Kenya to manufacture the GoKnee device and provide much needed access to therapeutic care to the people of Kenya.

The partnership between GoKnee and Flint Global has the potential to provide the 7.9 million Kenyans suffering from osteoarthritis the option to treat knee pain before it becomes severe and limiting. In a country with a relatively young medical infrastructure and largely out-of-pocket medical costs, GoKnee provides a solution where there once was none. In addition to the much needed medical solution, this partnership is poised to impact hundreds of lives through job creation and even more through broader economic impact.

“Most Kenyans do not have practical and affordable access to physical therapy, and GoKnee offers an optimal solution to that problem,” said Travis Trull, Founder and Executive Director of Flint Global. “By taking GoKnee into this emerging market, we see how a local business in Cookeville can create opportunity and fuel meaningful and lasting transformation both locally and across the globe.”

Shehla Rooney is a Cookeville, Tennessee based physical therapist with over 25 years of experience and is a board certified specialist in geriatrics. She is a graduate of Dalhousie University and the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

For more information about GoKnee, visit www.thegoknee.com.

For More information about Flint Global, visit www.flintglobal.org.

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