Several possible companies look to take root as part of project

Baxter – Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter was recently given the green light by the County Commission to apply for an SIA grant with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

The grant would help fund an access road off highway 56 near Baxter making it easier to access proposed businesses looking to fill the space. The business project known as Project Global (we can only guess why it has that title) will see businesses offering “several high paying jobs” take root on the property, according to Porter. At this time there are four businesses looking at the location, but Porter says there may be several others scouting the area. If the project is completed the county would be responsible for only 3% of the road costs with the state on the hook for the remaining costs.

But the county isn’t looking for just any business to set foundation on that property. They have something special in mind.

“Yes, with our shortage of workforce, we are only looking at high paying jobs,” said Porter to the Upper Cumberland Business Journal. “We are very excited for this project and possibly several others that might go on this property.”

Most of those jobs will pay up to $25 an hour. When projects like this arise, there are always a lot of moving parts. So, what is success when it comes to “Project Global”?

To Porter, a successful venture always ends the same way.

“Great companies with high paying jobs that will help the citizens of our county,” he said.

With the influx of businesses great and small, Putnam has become a hub for new construction and growth. Recently, Portobello, FedEx and Ficosa all chose Putnam County for expansion.

Why is the area drawing so many new and expanding businesses? Environment is key.

“It is the business-friendly environment we have created,” said Porter, “and the teamwork of the local governments and the Chamber.”

This is an ongoing story. Check back for updates.

Image by wirestock on Freepik.

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