“Envisioned progess” is anticipated by close of 2024

Cumberland County – After the rain cleared, Flatrock Motorsports Park (Flatrock) was finally able to begin pavement construction last week in Cumberland County. It is a step which Flatrock says “heralds a significant step forward for motor sports enthusiast across the country.”

The world-class racing facility, developed in collaboration with F1 track experts Tilke GmbH, is set to “redefine the motorsport landscape of East Tennessee,” according to a release by Flatrock.

“The commencement of the paving process signifies a crucial phase in the evolution of Flatrock Motorsports Park,” according to the release. “Collaborating closely with the renowned Formula 1 circuit architects Tilke GmbH, the park is on track to evolve into a dynamically flourishing motorsport and entertainment destination, with the envisioned progress anticipated by the close of 2024.”

The paving process, overseen by the globally acclaimed Transtec Group, involves application of asphalt layers to establish a “robust and lasting surface.” The Three layers: base, leveling and surface are meticulously applied and fortified by a tack coat to ensure the utmost structural integrity.

Most materials for the process are locally sourced with significant contributions from Rogers Group Inc.

“To safeguard against the challenges posed by Tennessee’s ever-changing climate, the asphalt specification has been scrupulously tailored to endure temperature fluctuations, precipitation and freeze-thaw conditions,” said Flatrock. “This thoughtful approach underscores the commitment to delivering a track that stands the test of time.”

Rusty Bittle, developer and founding partner of Flatrock Motorsports Park, understands the importance of a first step in a long journey.

“Today marks a pivotal milestone as we inch closer to the day our members experience the thrill of our world-class circuit,” said Bittle. “The collaborative efforts of our exceptional team have ensured that our Club track’s surface will offer an unparalleled driving experience. We proudly anticipate that this track will be a globally renowned challenge, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Cumberland County, Tennessee.”

To discover more about Flatrock Motorsports Park, visit www.experienceflatrock.com.

For insights into Flatrock Motorclub, explore: www.flatrockmotorclub.com.

Photo courtesy of Flatrock.

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