Pictured above – David Maynard scans patients on the new Canon CT Scanner.

More accuracy, faster scan time and high resolution

Cookeville – A new Canon CT scanner was installed in mid-June at the Cancer Center at Cookeville Regional Medical Center to continue bringing the latest and highest-quality technology to patients in the Upper Cumberland region. 

According to CRMC, CT technology has continued to evolve in response to demand from the medical community for wider, faster imaging and realizes higher resolution, all while reducing patient radiation doses.

“This CT scanner can send information to the planning system for the doctor to make blocks so they can see where the radiation should be and block off areas where it’s not supposed to be,” said David Maynard, BS, RT, Chief Therapist at CRMC Cancer Center. “There are many advantages it has over the older machines; it can take an image of a bigger area all at once as well as being four times faster than the past machine. The time was able to go from ten minutes to two minutes. A shorter time makes it easier for the patient.”

The CT scanner technology is equipped with special software to see through past replacements the patient may have had.

“A lot of older patients have hip replacements, and the old scanner couldn’t always see around that. With this, we can see and shape the beam more accurately no matter what you have inside,” Maynard said.

Many CRMC cancer patients are already using the new CT scanner.

“We are happy our hospital can access a machine like this one. This CT scanner is already making a difference, and we look forward to the continued impact,” said Maynard.

Photo courtesy of CRMC.

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