Oakley retires from Tech Board of Trustees

COOKEVILLE – Millard Oakley, a member of the first Tennessee Tech University Board of Trustees, has announced his retirement from the board in a letter to the board and President Phil Oldham. Oakley, 87, shared that he has other business interests out of state and needed to cut back on other activities.

In the letter, Oakley expressed his appreciation and respect for the board members and the time that they have devoted to the university. He stated that he appreciated the opportunity of serving and being associated with President Oldham and the members of the board.

Millard and wife, JJ Oakley, have supported education and quality of life in the Upper Cumberland for decades. The Oakley’s generosity is focused on providing educational opportunities in the area, including a substantial financial contribution to Tennessee Tech University and other educational functions in the area.

“Seems to me we ought to put more into society than we take out,” Oakley said. “And it’s not necessarily about money. People who render service put more into society than they take out. My wife and I have always wanted to do that.”

Oakley served on the Tennessee Board of Regents from 2006-2012. He was honored with the Tennessee Board of Regents’ Award for Excellence in Philanthropy in 2011.

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