New brew gives nod to Tennessee State Parks 

By Amye Anderson
UCBJ Managing Editor

NASHVILLE – A new brew celebrating and benefitting Tennessee’s state parks is making the rounds at a series of select launch parties across the state.

Dubbed the State Park Blonde Ale, the new beer, brewed by Tennessee Brew Works and created in partnership with the Tennessee State Parks, is described by its creator as a “crisp, sessionable American blonde session ale with subtle honeysuckle notes on the nose, finishing with biscuity flavors on the palate.”

The State Park Blonde Ale’s recommended pairings include lighter dishes and appetizers like soft cheeses, seafood – especially white fish – oysters, crabs and lobster.

The ale is the result of a discussion between Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee Brew Works about creating a beer that appealed to the active, outdoors person that simultaneously supports Tennessee’s state parks. From there, the Tennessee Brew Works State Park Blonde Ale was born.

“Tennessee Brew Works and Tennessee State Parks have combined our mutual appreciation for local craft brew, spectacular landscapes and the great stories of our state,” said Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill.

According to the Tennessee Brew Works website, State Park Blonde Ale is available year-round and is available in draft, 24 packs and six-pack bottles.

With the purchase of each case, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy; benefitting each of the Tennessee’s 56 state parks. The UC is home to nine state parks.

“A portion of the sales of the State Park Blonde Ale will go to the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, our non-profit partner, and will help preserve and protect our state’s natural and cultural assets,” Hill said.

But, don’t run to the local store just yet as State Park Blonde Ale is only available at select distributors; none of which are currently in the UC.

Participating distributors currently include Nashville’s DET Distributing, Eagle Distributing in Knoxville, Ajax Distributing in Clarksville, Carter Distributing in Chattanooga, L&H Distributing in Tullahoma, and AS Barboro Distributing in Memphis.

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