Local Dad Gives Athletes Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Cookeville – Power Athletics once had a monopoly on competitive cheerleading and gymnastics training in Cookeville. Last October, Power’s doors shuttered, and many families were devastated, searching for a way to keep their children active in the sport they loved.

In November, Barrett Steakley, whose daughter was an athlete at the gym, answered the call and bought the former business’s equipment, and reopened the same facility under the name Mid TN Athletics (MTA).

“We were able to keep the same class offerings and add a few new classes to the schedule,” said Steakley. “Our staff at  MTA is a team that works together for the good of our athletes. We welcome all to our gym and know bright futures are ahead for our athletes.”

MTA offers tumble and stunt classes allowing athletes an opportunity to continue training and growing in the sport they love.

“I felt a calling to purchase the business equipment and bring an uplifting and positive culture and experience to athletes of all ages and levels of cheerleading,” said Steakley. “I have been around athletics my whole life, building relationships with athletes of a variety of sports. It’s a lot of work, and I believe that all athletes should be offered the opportunity to participate, grow deeper in their skills and be the best versions of themselves in a positive environment where they can go on to reach their goals and dreams.”

Steakley is no stranger to the elite sports world. He was a former professional athlete and dual sport athlete at Tennessee Tech University.

“We are grateful that we were able to make the purchase from the previous owner and open new doors,” said Steakley.

MTA says they offer the best coaches in the business.

“We created an advisory committee early on to ensure athlete safety and success,” said Steakley. “Our committee has former and current athletes, professionals from both the cheerleading industry and medical community. Safety, both physical and mental, is crucial in sports today.”

MTA’s staff and the committee are composed of over 20 individuals with a combined 100 years of experience in coaching cheerleading and tumbling. MTA says they were founded on the idea of instilling confidence in every athlete through positive and constructive instruction with the most knowledgeable staff in our community.

The facility is conveniently located in the heart of Cookeville at 1500 Interstate Drive and is currently enrolling students in tumbling, stunting, flexibility and cheerleading classes. To enroll your child in classes visit their website: www.midtnathletics.com or on their social media: @midtnathletics.

Photo courtesy of https://www.midtnathletics.com/.

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