Cookeville Department says calls have increased recently

The Cookeville Fire Department (Cookeville Department) has been awarded $62,334.00 in grant funding from the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office through the Rescue Squad Grant Program.

In 2022, Governor Bill Lee and the General Assembly approved the funding of this program for the purchase of lifesaving equipment, and in 2023, the program provided $2 million in grants to applicants.

“This funding will provide updated equipment used in a number of different rescue scenarios. We are constantly looking at ways to provide better service to Cookeville,” according to the Cookeville Department.

The Cookeville Department says calls have increased recently, and the need is definitely there.

“In recent years, we have seen not only our call volume increase but also our volume in relation to rescue requests,” said the Department in a release. “Historically, we have responded to all rescue events but have had to rely on other agencies for their skills and equipment. As part of our long-range plan, efforts have been underway to train and equip our members with the ability to handle rescue events without the assistance of outside resources. Many times, when there is an event, outside resources are already committed to other areas, and the citizens of Cookeville are left waiting.”

During the application period (Jan. 8 – Feb. 8, 2024), the SFMO received 126 applications from Tennessee rescue squads. Applications were scored internally and submitted to a seven-member committee that oversaw the award selection.

The committee was composed of six members from the Tennessee Rescue Squad Association and TDCI’s Assistant Commissioner of Fire Prevention.

“Tennessee rescue squads provide valuable lifesaving services in their communities, and it is crucial that they have the equipment they need to safely complete their missions,” said Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention Gary Farley. “I want to congratulate all of the grant recipients, and I wish them safety and success in the years ahead.”

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