County Planning Commision discussed rezoning for 1327 East 10th Street for Capital Communities LLC project

Cookeville – East 10th Street in Cookeville will not see an “island of high density development” any time soon, according to the Cookeville Municipal Planning Commission (Commission). The Commission recently voted down the idea of rezoning 1327 east 10th street for use by Capital Communities who wants to build a high density housing complex on the land.

Commission chairman Jim Woodford said the “subject property” is best suited for lower density residential housing according to the “2030 plan” already in place.

”In my opinion, 45 units of 5.88 acres is not low density which the 2030 plan calls for. In fact, the proposed development would create an island of high density development surrounded by low density family residents,” continued Woodford.

According to Commission member Bob Faulhaber, there are better ways to improve that tract of land.

“I believe that PRD can provide protections that make this (development) better than what they (Capital Communities) can do with the property currently” said councilman Bob Faulhaber.

Planned Residential Development (PRD) is a zoning mechanism allowing flexibility in the grouping, placement, size and use of structures on a fairly large tract of land. The motion failed by a vote of 6 to 2. 

In other business there was unanimous approval for the action of the preliminary plat of Putnam County Bus Garage and Road Maintenance Department located on Tennessee Avenue.

 Image by frimufilms on Freepik.

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