Hazel Engineering opens Cookeville office

Blackburn Fork Road over Blackburn Fork Creek, Jackson Co

By Michelle Price
UCBJ Managing Editor

COOKEVILLE –Hazel Engineering, LLC recently opened an office in Cookeville.  The firm provides civil engineering services including bridge replacement, roadway design, site design, storm water permitting and construction engineering and inspection services.

Hazel specializes in Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) bridge replacement engineering and has worked extensively in TDOT’s 24-county Region 2. “One of my goals was to have a bridge replacement project in every one of those 24 counties,” said Hazel. “When a couple of the projects that I started in my previous employment become completed, I will have projects in 22 of those 24 counties completed in my career. I’m proud of being able to service not just a few but a majority of the counties in this region.”

West Paran Road over Turkey Creek, Overton Co

“The road supervisors that I serve are a very tight-knit group and if you messed up on somebody, they would all know about it,” continued Hazel. “So, every project is important no matter how big or how small. What I do every day is wake up, go to work and provide the best service that I possibly can and take care of the folks that entrusted me with a project. It all seems to take care of itself after that.”

More information on Hazel Engineering can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/company/hazel-engineering-llc/ or by calling 931-650-0060.

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