Granville Fire Department reorganizing

GRANVILLE – The Granville Fire Department has completed a reorganizing and established a community-based Board of Directors and the opportunity for every property owner within a ten-mile radius of the Granville fire house to become a dues-paying member. The reorganization is designed to strengthen ties to the community and set the stage to raise needed funds as well as to recruit fire-fighting volunteers.   

A new Board of Directors has been organized that includes the following volunteer members:  John Deane, President/Chair; Brenda Curtis, Secretary/Treasurer; Isabel Cohen; Darryl Noble; James Turner; Danny Peck and Scott Nicholas. 

Community Board members will be assigned staggered three-year terms whereby a third of the community members of the board will be up for election by the members every two years to ensure continuity of leadership, beginning in January 2023. The fire chief will have a permanent seat as an ex-officio member of the board with vote.   

The Bylaws have been revised and now provide for every residential or business property owner within ten miles of the Granville Fire House is eligible to become a member of the fire department upon payment of $100 annual dues. Those wishing to become a member can mail the $100 annual dues along with the member’s name and address to: 

Granville Co-op Fire Department 

6754 Granville Hwy 

Granville, TN 38564 

Recruiting volunteer fire fighters 

In addition to recruiting new dues paying members, the Granville Fire Department is also recruiting volunteer fire fighters. Interested volunteers should contact Chief Scott Nicholas at 931-310-5824 or via email at for more information and an application. 

Recruiting volunteers for committee work in support of the fire department 

Rebuilding the fire department into an effective fire fighting force will require resources in the form of time and talent as well as treasure. We are seeking volunteers to work on the following committees in support of the fire department: 

  • Fundraising Committee 
  • Volunteer Fireman Recruitment & Training Committee 
  • Public Awareness/Public Relations Committee 
  • Grant Writing Committee 

Anyone interested in helping The Fire Department by volunteering for one of the above committees, please email

There is much work to be done to address the current needs of the Granville Fire Department. The Board and the Fire Chief are committed to commence the work, including fundraising, volunteer fire fighter recruitment and training, acquisition of necessary equipment and training facilities and other elements required for the Fire Department to become an effective operating fire department for the Granville community. 

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