Gonzales elected to serve on FDIC Advisory Committee

WASHINGTON –The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has announced the selection of 15 members for its recently established Advisory Committee of State Regulators. The FDIC Board of Directors approved the formation of the new advisory committee on Nov. 19, 2019, as another mechanism for state regulators and the FDIC to discuss a variety of current and emerging issues that have potential implications for the regulation and supervision of state-chartered financial institutions. The Advisory Committee members include regulators of state-chartered financial institutions from across the United States as well as other individuals with expertise in the regulation of state-chartered financial institutions.

“State supervisors play a crucial role in our regulatory framework,” said FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams. “While the FDIC has had a good relationship with state supervisors, this Advisory Committee will serve as a formal venue to engage on issues pertinent to state-chartered banks.”

The new members of the Advisory Committee are:

·       Bret Afdahl, Director, Division of Banking, State of South Dakota

·       Kevin R. Allard, Superintendent, Division of Financial Institutions, State of Ohio

·       Charles G. Cooper, Commissioner, Department of Banking, State of Texas

·       Thomas C. Fite, Director, Department of Financial Institutions, State of Indiana

·       Mary L. Gallagher, Commissioner of Banks, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

·       Greg Gonzales, Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, State of Tennessee

·       Ray Grace, Commissioner of Banks, State of North Carolina

·       Kevin B. Hagler, Commissioner, Department of Banking and Finance, State of Georgia

·       Melanie G. Hall, Commissioner, Division of Banking and Financial Institutions, State of Montana

·       Dawn E. Holstein, Commissioner of Banking, Division of Financial Institutions, State of West Virginia

·       I. Lise Kruse, Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, State of North Dakota

·       G. Edward Leary, Commissioner, Department of Financial Institutions, State of Utah

·       John Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Conference of State Bank Supervisors

·       Antonio P. Salazar, Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, State of Maryland

·       Mick Thompson, Commissioner, Banking Department, State of Oklahoma

For more information, please visit the Advisory Committee of State Regulators webpage.

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