Agency serves Upper Cumberland businesses, pioneered indoor billboards in the area

Cookeville – GO Advertising (GO) is celebrating a 10-year anniversary.

In 2013 the agency opened with a clear goal, providing “exceptional advertising and marketing services to local businesses.”

“GO Advertising has been dedicated to supporting local businesses by crafting tailored advertising campaigns that resonate with the unique characteristics of the Upper Cumberland community,” said the company in a release. “With a commitment to creativity, strategy and excellence, the agency has consistently delivered effective marketing solutions that drive results.”

Over the decade, GO says it has tried to connect its audience in “innovative ways” including the introduction of indoor billboards to the area. The indoor billboard idea is “an eye-catching advertising option that allows businesses to promote their products and services in high-traffic indoor locations to a captive audience,” according to GO.

The billboards have provided an opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of potential customers in restaurants, fitness centers, golf courses and other public spaces.

“Introducing indoor billboards to the Upper Cumberland region was a game-changer for local businesses,” said Susy Davis, Founder of GO Advertising. “We recognized the need for innovative and attention-grabbing advertising solutions, and indoor billboards were the perfect answer. Over the years, they have proven to be highly effective in increasing brand visibility and driving foot traffic to our clients’ locations.”

GO says the success indoor billboards has not only benefited it’s clients but has also contributed to the economic development of the Upper Cumberland area by attracting more customers to local businesses. GO has recently expanded its reach and advertising options to online digital ads.

The hope is the digital space will reach customers anywhere in the country.

“It’s part of GO Advertising’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously finding innovative ways to serve its clients,” said GO.

As part of its 10th-anniversary celebrations, GO intends to expand its indoor billboards network to offer more opportunities for businesses to connect with target audiences.

Photo via Facebook.

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