Nov. 13 is the scheduled soft opening day

Cookeville – 7 Brew Coffee dropped its newest Coffee stand today on-site at 1200 Interstate Drive in Cookeville. The drop was delayed a few hours, but workers finally got what they needed to finish the job and went to work craning the pieces into place.

Nov. 13 is the scheduled soft opening day.

Matt Martinkovich, director of operations for Brew Team Tennessee, was on-site this morning as the company prepared the grounds and presented a $2,000 check to CityScape.

“It’s an amazing site,” said Martinkovich.

The team drops the bases first and then the two top pieces are slid into place.

“It so amazing how quickly 7 brew comes together from start to finish,” he said. “The workers are fantastic. They have done so many of these they make it look cookie cutter. They drop it and then they are gone.”

The entire stand is built prefab, and then the awning and outer pieces are built after the main components are dropped. Once the shop is up and running, the facility will have what Martinkovich calls “texters.”

“Texters are the ones that create the relationship with the customers,” he said. “Talking to cutomer, taking orders. As they pull up, we have our two lane people outside that continue that conversation.”

Just like the drop itself, the process of service is usually smooth, quick and fun. After all, what is more fun than that first sip of Coffee in the morning? 7 Brew is expanding at an extraordinary rate.

“Since I have been with Brew Team Tennessee,” said Matinkovich, “I have seen it go from 10 stands to close to 140 stands.”

That has been in the last couple of years.

“It is continuing to grow,” said Martinkovich. “We have one going up in Harrisburg Virginia and one happening in Jeffersonville Indiana the same day. Multiple stand drops throughout the country.”

Martinkovich say the Cookeville community has been very supportive since opening plans were announced.

“It has been very supportive in the short time I have been here,” he said. “Having great conversations about how excited people are with this new concept. Everyone has been so supportive. It has been a great welcoming.”

A week prior to the Nov. 13 soft opening, Martinkovich says the company will offer free small drinks while they train their employees for the main event.

“As we push forward, we have will have community hours where we can continue that trend and give away free smalls for three hours a day,” he said. “Be ready for 7 Brew and be ready for the energy. We are a business that loves to be with the community and create great relationships with the local community.”

Big Check – Laura Wolf, left, accepted a check from 7 Brew to CityScape.

Laura Wolf, past executive director, and current board member at City Scape was on hand to accept a $2,000 check for the organization.

“We are so grateful to have 7 Brew come to Interstate Drive,” said Wolf. “And, most importantly, we are just so happy that they support local nonprofits, and they chose CityScape. We are so proud of being the recipient of their contribution.”

Wolf says 7 Brew brings a great vibe to the city.

“What CityScape is all about is renovating and making the old downtown vibrant,” she said. “We are just so proud of getting these other chains coming in, and just adding more to the popularity of Cookeville. Especially the Interstate Drive area.”

7 Brew looks to provide 50 jobs to the community.

“We are so excited to continue our growth in Tennessee…,” said Martinkovich. At 7 Brew, we believe in serving our community with a smile, kindness and delicious coffee. We are honored to partner with CityScape to continue giving back in each of our communities.”

CityScape understands the importance of growth when it comes to city revitalization.

“We appreciate 7 Brew’s dedication to cultivating kindness and are thrilled to welcome them to Cookeville,” said Ferran KeFauver, executive director of CityScape. “CityScape is passionate about the revitalization and livability of Cookeville. 7 Brew’s donation will allow us to continue supporting local businesses and attracting high level talent like 7 Brew.”

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