XUMO stream box integrates live TV and popular streaming apps, seamlessly delivering everything customers want on one platform

Middle Tennessee – Xumo, a joint venture between Comcast and Charter formed to deliver the “next generation of video entertainment,” recently announced the launch of Xumo Stream Box to Spectrum households.

There are plans to expand to Xfinity homes soon. Xumo Stream Box is the newest device to be powered by Comcast’s Entertainment Operating System (OS), the latest entertainment experience that makes finding content, regardless of where it resides, simple and easy.

“Watching TV was designed to be a relaxing, lean-back experience, but today’s fractured entertainment landscape has added a level of complexity that makes finding something to watch more burdensome for consumers,” said Marcien Jenckes, President of Xumo. “When we started Xumo, we set out with the ambition to take the decades of entertainment experience and technical innovation from Comcast and Charter and build a complete entertainment experience that breaks down the streaming silos and makes TV easy again.”

Streaming, simplified.

“Xumo is streaming simplified, bringing a live TV experience together with all the top apps,” Rich DiGeronimo, President, Product and Technology for Charter said. “With Xumo Stream Box, customers have endless entertainment options simplified, with aggregated search across apps and curated content offerings based on the customer’s interests and subscriptions, which will be even more powerful as direct-to-consumer apps are included with Spectrum service.” 

Charter says Xumo Stream Box makes it easy for customers to “quickly jump into their favorite live, on-demand or streaming content,” but also enables “seamless discovery of new programming through an integrated, content-forward interface and voice remote.” 

Some features include:

  • Leading with live: Upon startup, customers will see live video playing from the device’s primary video service app such as Spectrum TV, Xfinity Stream or Xumo Play. Additionally, a built-in channel guide makes browsing through subscribed channels a seamless part of the Entertainment OS experience. 
  • Hundreds of built-in apps: Xumo Stream Box comes with the ability to access hundreds of subscription-based and ad-supported streaming apps, including Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Netflix, Peacock, Pluto, Prime Video, Tubi, Xumo Play and more.
  • Seamless browsing: A curated, content-forward viewing experience that blends AI-driven personalization and human-led editorial recommendations to help customers find something to watch without having to jump in and out of apps. 
  • Universal voice search: Emmy-award-winning voice technology allows customers to discover content quickly from available apps and services with a simple voice command into the remote.
  • Favorite lists for every member of the household: With My List, customers can create multiple lists of their favorite shows and movies – regardless of where that content lives or how it’s delivered (live or on-demand) – giving every member of the family a personalized destination to quickly jump into what they want to watch next.

For Spectrum customers, Xumo Stream Box leverages the Spectrum TV App. New Spectrum video customers receive one device for no cost for the first year. Additional Xumo Stream Boxes are available directly from Spectrum to purchase or for a service fee.

For more information visit Charter.com.

Image by Freepik.

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