COVID hospitalizations drop by 50% since Feb. 1

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

COOKEVILLE – COVID hospitalizations have dropped by 50% since Feb. 1 according to umbers released by Cookeville Regional medical Center (CRMC). The total number of positive COVID inpatients was 31 on Feb. 22 down from 62 on Feb. 1. 

The largest change was in patients at CRMC between 0-13 days, with numbers dropping 60% from 52 at the beginning of February to only 21 today. 

Although the overall numbers have decreased, the percentage of COVID postive patients who are unvaccinated has increased from 66% to 74%. 

CRMC CEO Paul Korth said that he had been in contact with hospitals across the state and the decreasing COVID numbers are being seen statewide. The Omicron variant has run its course like the previous variants and is following the trends nationwide.

Korth also attributed the decline in numbers to the increasing number vaccinated and expressed his hopes that the Omicron variant would help in bringing herd immunity to the nation. 

CRMC has no plans to change any visitation or other operations at the current time due to the decreasing numbers but will continue to keep watch in the event that changes are warranted at a later time.

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