COVID-19: Rapid antibody testing now available at CMC RHC

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

COOKEVILLE – Wondering if that bad cold you had in January was really COVID-19? Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC is now offering rapid 15-minute antibody testing to determine a person’s past or present exposure to COVID-19. 

A simple finger stick, such as one used to test glucose levels, is all that is required. The test is done by analyzing the patient’s blood sample.

The antibody test is intended for people who may have had COVID-19 symptoms in the past but are no longer experiencing those symptoms. The test determines the presence of antibodies – your body’s natural response – to the virus and helps identify people who may have been infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“By being able to offer our community the rapid antibody 15-minute test, we can help alleviate patients concerns about having COVID-19 and keep the employer workplace environment safe,” said Navin Jain, Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC chief information officer. “Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC has been around for over 25 years to serve our community healthcare needs.” 

The test is done by analyzing the patient’s blood sample.

The cost of antibody testing depends on variables such as insurance type, coverage and guidelines, which are changing rapidly. Patients should check with their insurance carrier for more information.

The cash pay price for the test is $45, and Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC offers a corporate discount for businesses.

Appointments are not necessary for either the antibody or COVID-19 test at Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC, 225 N. Willow Ave., Suite 2. Testing is available seven days a week. 

Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC is abiding by current social distancing practices, and requests patients call the clinic from the vehicle upon arrival to check-in.

For further information about COVID-19 or antigen testing, please call 931-528-8899.

After July 1, testing will also be available at Crossville Medical Clinic, 229 Interstate Dr., Suite 105 and Gainesboro Medical Clinic, 402 E. Gore Ave.

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