The newly imagined walking aid is transforming mobility for everyone

Nashville based Sportcane, a newly imagined walking aid developed by leading engineers and orthopedic surgeons, recently announced that All-Pro Dallas Cowboys player, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, will become an official ambassador of the brand.

The innovative cane assists daily walking activities, accelerates surgery and athletic injury recovery and has updated the design of the common cane altogether to make it more appealing and stronger.

While facing various health challenges during his career and into retirement, Jones initially believed he had a hip problem. However, several years ago, Sportcane founder Dr. Charles R. Kaelin diagnosed him with a lower back muscle pull. Since then, Jones has maintained close contact with Dr. Kaelin.

As he entered his 60s, everyday tasks like walking up the stairs became increasingly difficult. Yet, after using Sportcane, Jones noticed immediate improvements in his pain and mobility.

“Sportcane has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to stay active and maintain my daily lifestyle,” said Jones. “Partnering with a brand that has had such an impact on my life is incredibly exciting, and I look forward to helping others experience the same benefits.”

The canes and crutches market is forecast to reach $5.8 billion in 2025 and as part of the strategic partnership, Jones will highlight the cane’s innovative design and its impact on improving mobility and overall quality of life. With over 800,000 hospitalizations from falls every year for those over 65, Sportcane provides walking assistance and accelerates recovery from surgery and athletic injuries, modernizing the mainstream cane for the first time.

Featuring a unique patent-pending 22° curve, Sportcane better supports the body by absorbing high-loading forces at impact and restoring the normal knee flexion angle, allowing for an earlier return to an active lifestyle.

“Our mission with Sportcane is to enhance mobility and quality of life for individuals facing any challenges related to mobility whether you are experiencing difficulty walking or are recovering from a major surgery,” said Dr. Kaelin. “Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones embodies the spirit of resilience and strength that we strive to support with our product.”

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