Wine down for grape and wine appreciation month

Take a grape escape with the wine trail across the Upper Cumberland

NASHVILLE – Home to Jack Daniel’s whiskey, seven genres of music, barbecue and hot chicken, Tennessee’s abundant and ever-growing grape and wine industry is often overlooked. Dating back to the 1800s, wine plays an important role in Tennessee’s tourism industry. With over 67 wineries, the wine industry employs over 400 people, provides memorable experiences and offers picturesque destinations to the likes of both visitors and locals. So, wine down a little this May, and take a grape escape across the Upper Cumberland wine trail for Tennessee’s Grape and Wine Appreciation Month.

Upper Cumberland Wine Trail 

Experience Middle Tennessee uncorked on the Upper Cumberland Wine Trail. On this trail, visitors can take in all the waterfalls and rivers of the region coupled perfectly with a glass of the region’s finest wines. 

Cellar 53

The day on the Upper Cumberland begins at Cellar 53, a family farm located in Brush Creek. With everything from sweet, dry and seasonal wines, guests can take in the fine textures while drinking in the views on the winery’s back patio. 

Red Barn Winery & Vineyards

Continue to relish along the trail at Red Barn Winery & Vineyards where each of their wines are made with care from their very own estate-grown grapes. As guests sip on a glass, they can take a tour and learn more about how they make some of their most popular, well-balanced wines including the Tennessee Red Neck, Niagara Sweet White Grape and Cranberry Spice. 

DelMonaco Winery and Vineyard

The next stop of the day is at the ravishing DelMonaco Winery and Vineyard. With the property stretching over 52 acres across the Tennessee’s countryside, vino-lovers are encouraged to saunter through the vineyard, partake in a tasting of DelMonaco’s award-winning wines and soak in the European-style views that many choose to spend their wedding days.

Highland Manor Winery

Any wine tour of middle Tennessee is not complete without a visit to Highland Manor Winery, the state’s oldest licensed winery. Highland Manor has been providing guests with its highly awarded wines and tranquil settings dating all the way back to before Prohibition.

While Highland Manor is one perfect-picture way to end the day on the Upper Cumberland, the wine fun doesn’t have to end there. Other stops include Chestnut Hill Winery, Holly Ridge, Northfield Vineyards and Stonehaus Winery. Chestnut Hill Winery is named one of Tennessee’s largest wineries with a tantalizing selection of dry, semi-dry and sweet wines. Holly Ridge, located in Livingston, places the utmost importance on using only the best quality of grapes which contributes to their prize-worthy selection of wines such as lightly bodied whites, full-bodied reds and flavorful dessert wines. Take a step into the country at Northfield Vineyards, a family-owned farm that has been producing Tennessee wines, jellies, jams and juices since 1904. Finally, at the very top of the plateau, wine-drinkers will run into Stonehaus Winery. Offering tastings seven days a week, visitors can take in their delicious wines, food and homemade fudge.


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