UCHRA’s MyRide program commemorates first trip

PUTNAM COUNTY– Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s MyRide Upper Cumberland volunteer driver program recently completed its first trip. Despite the rain, Bobby Steward, MyRide Upper Cumberland volunteer driver, and Phyllis Brown, program participant, took a moment to pause for a photo commemorating the occasion. 

Seniors who participate in the program have the opportunity to complete a survey following each trip to ensure the program meets their needs. When detailing her experience with the MyRide Upper Cumberland, Brown described her experience as “definitely positive.”  

“I am hard of hearing and legally blind due to macular degeneration,” she stated. “Although I live independently, I don’t drive anymore and have several health problems for which I routinely see my doctor. Sometimes, it is really difficult to get there. Having MyRide as an option has given me greater peace of mind and confidence.”

“My volunteer driver, Bob, made me feel so comfortable and is so nice,” Brown added. “We chatted the whole time we were together. Thank you so much for starting this program; it is a blessing to me, and I’m sure it will be to other senior citizens.” 

As UCHRA’s newest (volunteer) transportation service, MyRide Upper Cumberland allows Putnam County seniors the ability to lead a more independent life. As the volunteer program grows, MyRide UC will expand throughout the Upper Cumberland Region. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about how the MyRide program can improve your way of life, please visit www.myrideuctn.comor call 833-9MY-RIDE (969-7433).

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