Twin Lakes: Doorbell cameras aren’t just for answering the door anymore

Five benefits of having a doorbell camera

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Many think that a doorbell camera just allows you to see who is at your door, but, according to Twin Lakes Security, that is only where its capabilities begin. Today’s doorbell camera is a key aspect of a complete security system. It protects the inside and outside of your home, as well as the health and security of its occupants.

Modern doorbell cameras have features including a high-definition camera, a buzzer, two-way audio capabilities, and the ability to connect with other smart devices and home automation devices.

Social distancing

With concerns still high about the numbers of COVID cases, social distancing is still advised as one of the best ways to prevent transmitting the virus. The ability to know who is at the door without opening it and potentially exposing yourself is just one benefit of having a doorbell camera.

Curbing “porch pirates”

More and more packages are being stolen from porches. According to a 2019 study by C+R Research, 36% of people have had a package stolen, and 56% know someone that has experienced package theft.  

“Your doorbell lets you know when packages arrive,” said James Green, security sales manager with Twin Lakes Security, explaining how the doorbell sends a notification to the app on the homeowner’s smartphone.  

The app allows two-way communication with whoever is delivering the package. Homeowners can direct the delivery person on where to leave the package and even can remotely unlock the door to allow the package to be placed inside the residence.

Ability to screen visitors 

Whether it’s a door-to-door salesman or a gossipy neighbor, the doorbell camera’s audio visual capabilities make it easy for residents to “screen” visitors. A notification is sent to your smart device, and a glance at the app tells you who is there – then the decision is yours.

Track your family coming and going

Doorbell cameras make it easy to keep tabs on kids and family members. 

“You are notified when kids arm and unarm the system,” said Green, adding that images are stored in the cloud and available through the app for parents who want to see that their children made it home safely.

For households with several children or people frequenting the residence, the app lets you keep track of traffic in and out of the house with unique codes for each user.

Ability to keep tabs on property

“The cameras will alert you when there is a car, a person or an animal on your property (or where the cameras are looking),” said Green. “You can do a line cross, where every time something crosses a certain line, you get an image. You can view at any time you wish from images stored in the cloud for up to 30 days.” 

Homeowners can also tie this feature to lighting using the app, so that when the line is crossed, certain lights come on, etc. Connecting your doorbell camera to a smart home automation system is very flexible.

Obviously, doorbell cameras aren’t just for answering the door anymore. They are a vital component of any home security system.

For more information on doorbell cameras and how a smart security system could best meet your needs, visit the Twin Lakes Security website. To schedule an appointment, email James Green at, Emily Gibson at or call 931-528-2005.

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