Workforce development leaders to be in attendance

Pulaski –  On Monday, November 7th at 1 p.m. CT, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) will convene top regional leaders at Leslie Town Centre, 1 W 1st St in Cookeville to help launch a momentum-building year to renew and articulate the value of education in Tennessee and to increase enrollment in education and training beyond high school. Local education agencies, higher education institutions, workforce development leaders and community-based organizations will be in attendance to share their input, discuss their work and commit to helping more Tennessee students achieve college and career success.

Senior Tennessee Higher Education Commission officials will lead the conversations by sharing state and local college-going data, as well as seeking input and informed discussion on strategies to support student success and address challenges.

THEC recently announced three big statewide goals for the momentum-building year.

  1. Increase the college-going rate for the high school class of 2023 to at least 60 percent.
  2. Increase adult enrollment in higher education through Tennessee Reconnect participation.
  3. Improve coordination and alignment in education and workforce training to ensure students have portable and stackable options for greater economic mobility.

THEC will work to collect, analyze and outline the key learnings from the momentum year and determine and release recommendations to build on the momentum with a new long-term vision and attainment goal for the state.

With Tennessee’s college-going rate trending downward over the past five years, the entire state must come together to take swift action to inform and engage more students with the many educational and job training options they have after high school.

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