Side Stitch adds athletic apparel option to Cookeville’s West Side

Side Stitch
Megan Swann, left, and Mallie Rogers opened Side Stitch in November. Photo provided

COOKEVILLE – Cookville’s West Side is certainly looking a lot more fit – and stylish – these days.

The Burn business owner Megan Swann recently joined forces with Mallie Rogers, an instructor at the fitness facility and former fashion merchandising major, to open Side Stitch, the city’s newest retailer. The store, which debuted on Small Business Saturday just after Thanksgiving, specializes in activewear: specifically clothes that can transition from gym to street. There’s also performance-style apparel for both men and women.

“Most of us are moms, and you feel like you’re constantly running all day,” Swann said. “Sometimes you don’t want to have to go home and change. We thought if we could get some item that could double as both, it would be great. It was a no-brainer.”

Swann and Rogers decided to lease the space – located at 47 N. Cedar Ave. – this summer, largely because it neighbors The Burn, which opened in 2013 in Cookeville and offers Body Pump, TRX and other cardio-type classes. While highly compatible businesses, the two are completely different concepts, Swann said. But once they had a logo – designed by Swann’s brother, 2014 Ovation Award winner Daniel Sutton at Creative Push – the two were off and running.

“We live in a really heavily fitness- and health-driven community,” Swann said. “It’s pretty shocking how many little gyms there are just all over the place. And the girls (at The Burn) love activewear; they’re constantly shopping for it. And the space was cool – it has a really neat, urban industrial vibe – so we just went with it. We have a lot of expectations that it will be successful.”

Side Stitch sign
Side Stitch specializes in athletic apparel.

That seems promising, especially given Side Stitch’s opening day, which nearly ran them out of inventory. In the weeks since, Swann and Rogers have placing re-orders and searching for new brands. The clothing is high-end to mid-range – brands that you can’t find anywhere else in Cookeville, like Alo, Oiselle and more.

“We worked really hard to find unique names that nobody else carries,” Swann said. “Some of them you can’t find anywhere from here to Nashville or even Chattanooga and Atlanta.

“We try to carry a variety for all modalities of fitness, like yoga, weightlifting, CrossFit and running,” she added. “Then just simple, slouchy, off-day clothes, which seem to be the favorites. We’re trying to cater to all the different areas and hoping that it does well.”


Side Stitch is located at 47 N. Cedar Ave., Cookeville. Holiday hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays. For more information, call (931) 526-5221 or visit


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