The facility is expected to open in April and generate at least 230 jobs

Baxter – Portobello America (PBA) is set to open the doors on its Baxter facility in early April. Company officials told the Upper Cumberland Business Journal they have already begun the hiring process and final touches are being made in preparation for the opening.

“We are slated to be operational in April of this year,” Portobello vice president of manufacturing and outsourcing James Durbin told “The majority of our new, state-of-the-art equipment has been installed. Other key machinery continues to be arriving weekly and is installed immediately after it lands. We are so very close.”

The first step is for the first Kiln to go live. A Kiln is a thermally insulated chamber and type of oven that produces temperatures sufficient to complete hardening, drying or chemical changes. 

The process allows the creation of tile, ceramics and more.

“From there, a second kiln will be operational later on in the year,” Durbin told “The energy is at the highest levels throughout PBA, as all of everyone’s hard work is finally coming together with an end result within an ever-so-close reach.”

Durbin said the facility will have the latest and greatest technology. Portobello is planning a huge grand opening event later this summer. 

The facility is expected to generate at least 230 jobs.

UCBJ file photo.

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