Pictured above – Tim Martin, PCSS Deputy Director; Melanie Bussell, PCSS RTI Supervisor and Corby King, PCSS Director of Schools.

Bussell has spent over 29 years in education, with 26 years being in the PCSS

Putnam County – The Putnam County School System (PCSS) names Melanie Bussell, Response to Intervention (RTI) Supervisor, as the 2022-23 Supervisor of the Year. The goal of the Tennessee Supervisor of the Year program is to recognize and celebrate the wealth of excellent district leaders that exist across the state.

“Mrs. Bussell represents excellence in education for the Putnam County School System,” said Corby King, Putnam County Director of Schools. “As supervisor of the RTI program, her forward thinking and focus on student success pushes all of us to be better. Her dedication and passion for education show in everything she does. Mrs. Bussell wants what is best for all Putnam County students. She faces challenges straight ahead and allows everyone in the room to be heard. We are grateful to have her on our district leadership team in Putnam County.”

Supervisor of the year – Melanie Bussell was named 2022-23 Supervisor of the Year.

Bussell has spent over 29 years in education, with 26 years being in the PCSS. From a teacher to the classroom to a principal to Special Education Supervisor to Coordinated School Health (Students Services) Supervisor, her time in those roles has prepared her to lead Putnam County schools and students in RTI with excitement and strategy the last year.

“This recognition is validation that Mrs. Bussell is doing the right work for students. It is a special recognition as the principals in the Putnam County School System recognize her work and selected her as the PCSS Supervisor of the Year,” said King.

Bussell said her team is very important.

“I am incredibly humbled that my colleagues chose me. RTI is a team effort and the work we do is challenging and very rewarding,” said Bussell. “I could not be where I am without the team of people around me. I am very grateful to have my feet on the ground right here in Putnam County to see our students grow and succeed.”

Each year an outstanding public school supervisor earns a distinction as the Tennessee department of education Supervisor of the Year (SOY). This honor is reserved for leaders who demonstrate superior abilities in:

·           managing and motivating students and faculties;

·           evoking high standards;

·           demonstrating a commitment to excellence;

·           implementing innovative programs; and

·           having a track record of exceptional gains in student learning.

Supervisors of the Year for the State of Tennessee are selected competitively through four cycles: district, region, grand division and state.

“We are cheering for Mrs. Bussell as she continues to move forward and possibly become the Tennessee Supervisor of the Year,” said King.

Photos courtesy of PCSS.

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