No timetable announced for opening

Cookeville – Scotty D’s, a restaurant that calls itself “the home of the TNT plate,” will soon call the old Mini Burger location in Cookeville home, according to reports.

Along with other burger offerings, the restaurant will offer something familiar, what they call junior hamburgers. Know your audience, I guess. The former tenants announced they had hoped to establish a plan to reopen, but those talks look to have fallen through.

“The support and loyalty you’ve shown us have been nothing short of remarkable. From the first bite to the final goodbye, your presence has enriched our lives and filled our hearts with joy,” said Mini Burger at the time of closing.

Mini Burger called the building home for 50 years before a recent change in ownership and its ultimate closure just over a month ago. There has been no timetable announced for Scotty D’s opening at this time.

This is an ongoing story. Check back for updates.

Photo via Facebook.

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